Blue Life

No Water No Life, No Blue No Green – Sylvia Earle

Arthur C Clerk, an undersea explorer, and scientist has written – how inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean. 71% of our planet is water – our sparkling blue oceans. And therefore this earth looks like a scintillating blue gemstone, on the vast dark backdrop of the universe, when viewed at from outer space.


While we observe and appreciate our planet’s grandeur, we should also be indebted to this 71% blue, for it has sustained and nurtured every living organism on this earth since the arrival of animate life. Without blue, there will be no green. Without water, there will be no life.

We most often forget this fact of our being. Our activities on land carelessly pollute oceans. We discharge harmful chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural, and residential wastes into oceans. 80% of marine pollution comes from the ground and we are responsible for it.

oil spill 2

Blue Life is the blog I am creating to portray how human vanity is polluting the oceans, how our lust for everything is putting pressure on the marine ecosphere. I plan to write articles about marine pollution, marine garbage, oils spills, pollution from maritime transport, plastics menace and so on…
And these will be in the lucid and straightforward language, mainly for those who are unaware. I wish my articles may kindle a small flame, of awareness, in some corner of this planet some day and may grow in a wildfire.

By profession, I am in ocean freight forwarding business for past over 25 years. And my real love is oceans. I also have an intense enthusiasm for writing. Three books and over one hundred articles are under my belt. I write in English and my mother tongue Marathi too. Fiction, short stories, translations, essays on marine pollution and other environmental issues and trade-related articles – I have written all this and readers have liked them. That is what I am, and I belong here…!

I request you to please keep reading my blog. I will yearn for your views, reactions, comments, opinions or anything – even if it means brick-bats, please throw them at me! I want to hear from you!
Please write to me at milind.joshi@yahoo.co.uk or joshimilindganesh@gmail.com .

Thank you.

Milind Joshi
Mumbai, India
Phone +91 9930904824



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