Blue Life

In a solitude of the sea

Deep from human vanity,

And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.

After the “unsinkable” steamship Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage from London to New York in 1912, Thomas Hardy wrote this poem named “The Convergence of the Twain.”  For Hardy, the disaster was an occasion for reflecting on the relationships among humans, nature, and an impersonal force controlling human arrogance.  Rather than offering the readers comfort solace, which they had expected for loss of lives and wealth, Hardy chose to leave readers with an overwhelming sense of insignificance in front of the vast power of nature and particular oceans.  In 5th stanza of the poem he says

Dim moon-eyed fishes near

Gaze at the gilded gear

And query: “What does this vaingloriousness down here?”

What befitting words to show the contrast between the materialism, pretentiousness, and self-importance of humanity; and the purity, integrity, and beauty of nature.

Every time I read this poem, I quietly cry within.  For here was one man, over hundred years ago, who had the vision to see the shallowness of human pompousness and in contrast profound depths of oceans.  He wrote, when she was getting ready for her ‘stature, grace and hue,’ nature was also preparing itself for ‘The convergence.’  He interpreted Titanic’s disaster to depict this contrast.

“Blue Life” is the blog I am creating to portray this very contrast. “Blue Life” intends to throw light on how human vanity is polluting our oceans, how our lust for everything is putting pressure on the marine ecosphere.  I plan to write articles about marine pollution, marine garbage, oils spills, pollution from maritime transport, plastics menace and so on…

And I will like to write these articles in simple words, for landlubbers (in nautical terms!), so that a small kindle is lit somewhere in some corner of this planet and may grow in a wildfire tomorrow…

By profession, I am in ocean freight forwarding business (but frankly just a landlubber!) for past over 25 years.  And my real love is for the oceans.  I also have an intense enthusiasm for writing.  Three books and over one hundred articles are under my belt. I write in English and my mother tongue Marathi too.  Fiction, short stories, translations, essays on marine pollution and other environmental issues and trade-related articles – I have written all this and readers have liked them.  That is what I am, and I belong here…!

I request you to please keep reading my blog.  I will yearn for your views, reactions, comments, opinions or anything – even if it means brick-bats, please throw them at me! I want to hear from you!

Please write to me at or Thank you.

Milind Joshi

Mumbai, India

Phone +91 9930904824

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